Course Availability

ALL COURSES START AT 6:30PM (unless stated otherwise)

Training Authorization Forms signed by the Chief required for all courses.  

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Spring Courses 2018


Dates: July 31

Aug 7,9,14,16,21,23,28,30

Sep 4,611,13,18,20,25,27

Oct 2,4,9,1,1,26,31

Nov 2

Location: Training Center

Instructor: Waugh


Dates: May 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24, 29, 31 

June 12, 14, 19, 21, 26 

Location:  Training Center 

Instructor:  Will Kalin 

Time:  6:30 pm 


This course prepares new BEFO graduates to operate as Interior Structural firefighters or in IDLH areas of the fire scene. Students participate in learning events covering firefighter personal protective equipment (PPE), self- contained breathing apparatus donning, doffing and use, SCBA air management and SCBA emergencies, basic firefighter survival techniques, modern fire control methods, building fire search and victim removal techniques, firefighter survival skills, tactical ventilation techniques and basic power saw operation, forcible entry techniques,  hose line advancement, vehicle and wildland firefighting theory, vehicle firefighting techniques, coordinated structure fire interior attack and transitional fire attack, and coordinated initial company operations. 


Designed for: BEFO course graduates ready to perform interior structural and IDLH firefighting operations. 


Course Length: 49 hours 


Prerequisites: Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations (BEFO) 2016 Edition Course Completion OR BEFO 2015 Edition AND Bridge/ refresher training course OR Scene Support Operations Course Completion AND Bridge/ refresher training course 

Apparatus Pump Operator

Dates: June 11,12,18,20,25,27,30

Location: Mannsville Fire Station

Instructor: Sullivan

Pre-Reqs: Valid Driver's License and BEFO or Equivalent

Time: 6:30 pm

Offers knowledge and skills essential to pump operation.  Based on objectives from NFPA, Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator, Chapter 3.  This course includes controls and accessories, fire streams, pumper practices, pumping from draft and pump evolutions, and using the fire pump at the fire hydrant.  Demonstrations and practice sessions are included.