Engine #1 (32-1-1)


Engine 1  is a 2012 Sutphen Rescue Pumper and is our main line engine.  We took possession of this truck on December 18, 2012 and put it in service on December 29, 2012.  It is an 8 man cab, Class "A" Rescue Pumper equipped with a 1500 GPM Hale Side Mounted  Pump and 750 gallons of on-board water and 20 gallons of foam.  It also is outfitted with Amkus Hydraulic Extrication Tools.  

Engine #2 (32-1-2)


Engine #2 is a 1996 E-ONE, 6 Man Cab,  Class "A" pumper with a Hale 1500 GPM top mount pump and 750 gallons of on-board water and 20 gallons of foam.  It is our back up engine, water supply and mutual aid truck.  It is also equipped with a full set of Amkus hydraulic extrication tools.

Tender 1 (32-5-1)


Tender 1 (Tanker) is a 2100 Gallon Water Truck  made by S & S on a 2007 International Chasis.  It also contains a 500 GPM Waterous Pump.  

Utility 1 (32-7-1)


This truck is a 2004 F350 pickup truck with a Power Stroke Turbo Diesel Engine.  It is primarily used as our EMS truck; However it also responds to pump details, traffic details, wildland fires and is also used to haul our ATV.

ATV (32-7-2)


This apparatus is our ATV used for fighting Wildland (Grass) Fires.  It is equipped with a 16 gallon water tank with a tree sprayer attachment.  

Retired Engine #1 - Sold 5/21/13


This was our original Class "A" pumper purchased in 1989.  It was an E-ONE, 5 man cab with a 1500 GPM Hale Top Mounted Pump with 1000 gallons of on-board water.  The two rear facing jump seats sported an open cab.  This truck was in service for 24 years when it was sold to Westville, OK Fire Department.

Retired Heavy Rescue (32-6-1)


This is a 1998 E-One truck with a 5 man cab built on a Freightliner Chasis.  It has a front bumper-mounted 12,000 lb winch, 4 SCBA's in the seats, 20KW PTO Generator, 4 telescoping quartz scene lights.  It has a 16' long box with numerous storage compartments as well as a Cascade Air System with a 2 bottle fill system with blast chamber and  8 DOT size 6000 PSI bottles.  It was sold to Remsen Fire Department on April 14, 2012.

Retired Tanker (32-5-1)


This retired tanker was a Ford 8000 Series, 5000 Gallon Tanker.  The actual tank was from a fuel truck on Ft. Drum and fabricated on to the Chassis.  It was affectionately known as "Uncle Bill's Truck" as he was the Captain of this apparatus until it was sold in 2007.