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Proudly Serving the Town of Pamelia, New York

Proudly Serving the Town of Pamelia, N.Y.

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All NY State Classes Start at 6:30PM Unless Noted Otherwise





The Adams Center Fire Department will be hosting flashover training sponsored by the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs on Sept 9th &10th. This training consists of 1 hour of class room lecture and 2 live fire evolutions in the “can”. There will be three (3) sessions each day with the first one beginning at 8am. There is a maximum of 20 students per session. The cost is $125 per student. Departments will be mailed registration forms approximately one month prior to the training. Last year we had firefighters from the following departments: Adams, Adams Center, Black River, Cape Vincent, Evans Mills, Rodman, Sackets Harbor and Three Mile Bay.

 Adams Center  Sep 9-10  T.B.A.
 Principals of Instruction
An introductory course for individuals who will be conducting training at the company level. Topics include: qualities of a good instructor, job performance requirements, components of a lesson plan, cognitive and psychomotor lesson plans, dealing with adult learners, meeting individual learning needs, factors that affect learning, the instructor’s role in safety, new technologies in course delivery, and learning characteristics of different generations.

Pre-Req: None

 Jefferson County Office
 June 21, 28
 July 5, 19  
 Aug 2
 Confined Space Awarness
 Provides identification and awareness information to allow students to make reasonable judgements in confined space rescue situations.  It includes topics such as regulations, response planning, hazard types, personal protective equipment, retrieval equipment and air quality.  Case histories and students provide opportunities to practice planning skills for confined space rescue response, as well as evaluate past incidents.

Reminder of the new policy that the Jefferson County Training Authorization form must be completed for the first night in order to attend.

Pre-Req: None

 West Carthage  Aug 8-9  Kalin
 Accident Vehicle Extrication  Training (AVET)
Provides hands-on training in motor vehicle rescue and extrication techniques while stressing the need for scene safety and vehicle stabilization. It includes rescue theory, rescue life cycle, new technology in automotive design and rescue tools and their uses.
Course Length 16 Hours

Pre-Req:  BEFO/Scene Support or 
Firefighter 1
 July 17,19,22
 (July 22 is a full Saturday)
 Apparatus Operator – Pump   Offers knowledge and skills essential to pump operation. Based on objectives from National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator, Chapter 3, this course includes responsibilities of pump operators, hydraulics and friction loss, pump controls and accessories, fire streams, pumper practices, pumping from draft and pump evolutions, and using the fire pump at the fire hydrant.  Demonstrations and practice sessions are included.   Course Length: 24 hours

Pre-Req:  BEFO/Scene Support or FF1
 Town Of Brownville Station #1 (Dexter)  June 22,27,29   
 July 11,13,15,18
 Hazardous Materials First  
Responder Operations:
Prepares emergency responders to effectively and safely respond to and stabilize hazardous materials incidents from a defensive position. Meets the training requirements of OSHA 1910.120 for the first responder, both at the awareness and operations levels. Includes recognizing and identifying hazardous materials, classifications and the hazards of each class, transport vehicles and associated hazards, planning for incidents, personal protective equipment and its limitations, confinement methods and decontamination procedures. Case studies identify appropriate operational procedures. This course is also contained in the Firefighter I course. Designed for: All emergency response personnel.
Course Length: 16 hours 

Please note, Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations is a class that is part of the BEFO curriculum.  If a department that has a student that is planning on taking BEFO in the future, they can take this class now and it will work as credit for the BEFO class which will shorten the BEFO class by 4 nights at the end.  This is a great way to get the Hazmat part of BEFO behind the student prior to BEFO.  

Pre-Req:  None
 Training Center   July 25, 27  
  August 1, 3
SCBA/Interior Firefighting Operations (I.F.O)  Training Center May 1,3,8,10,17,22,24,31
June 5,7,12,14,19,21,26
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