Northpole Fire Company
Proudly Serving the Town of Pamelia, New York

Proudly Serving the Town of Pamelia, N.Y.


Our New Rescue Pumper: 32-1-1 (Engine 1)
Delivered 12/18/12 and in Service on 12/29/12

Our newest engine is a Rescue Pumper made by Stuphen Corporation.  It is set up as a primary response engine for all structure fires and motor vehicle accidents.  A pre-construction meeting was held on March 23, 2012 at the Sutphen East Corporation in Monticello, NY.  The above schematic is the final product as a result of the labor intensive meeting.  It will have a Hale 1500 GPM side mount pump with 750 Gallon on board water and 20 gallon foam tank.  It will have two 1 3/4" crosslays (200' lengths each) and one 2 1/2" crosslay (200' length).  In the back there will be a Blitzfire preconnected in the hosebed to a 200' length of 2 1/2" line.  Additionally, there will be 200' of 3" supply and 1000' of 5" supply.  The truck will have LED scene lighting plus two additional telescoping LED scene lights.  There are two coffin compartments across the top.  The front bumper is extended which will carry the Auto Extrication Equipment.  In the back there will be spacious compartment which is slated to contain the gasoline powered equipment.  There are also going to be two lengths of hard suction, 24' extension ladder, 12' roof latter and 10' attic ladder in enclosed compartments in the rear.  Northpole took possession of this new truck on December 18, 2012 and it was put into service on December 29, 2012.


Engine 2: (32-1-2)

Engine 2 is a 1996 E-One Custom Pumper with a Hale 1500 GPM Top Mount Pump.  It is set up as a supply truck and also serves as a backup to Engine 1.   It has a 6 man cab with capacity for 4 SCBA's.  It carries 2 lenths of hard suction on the top rack on Driver's Side and a 35' ladder, Roof Ladder and Attic Ladder on the Top Rack on Officer's side.  There is a Harrison Generator located on the back of the apparatus which powers the cord reels and 4 telescoping scene lights.  The Driver's side compartments carry the auto-extrication equipment such as the Jaws, Cutters, Rams, Air Bags, as well as various hand and power tools.  The Officer side compartments contain the electrical panel and cords, adapters, brooms, shovels and various other tools.  The truck also carries a chain saw and cut off saw, Thermal Imaging Camera and 4 Gas Detector.  This truck is currently set up as our primary attack engine and responds first to all alarms of fires or MVA's.  


     Tender 1 (32-5-1)                   

Tender 1 is 2007 International truck made by S&S.  It has a 2000 gallon tanker with a 500 GPM PTO Hale Pump.  It is equipped with 3 Discharge Dumps located on the right side, left side and rear.  The air-acuated dumps can be opened and closed either at the chute or by the driver from inside the cab.  The pump also has a right side discharge with 100' 1 3/4" preconnect line; Left side discharge and suction.  There is also a discharge located on the front bumper with 100' length of  3" supply line.


Engine 1: (32-1-1)
Sold 5/21/13 to Westville, OK Fire Department

Engine 1 is a 1989 E-One Custom Pumper Powered by a 2 cycle Detroit Diesel Engine. There is a 3 man cab in the front and 2 rear farcing open jump seats in the back.  There are four seat mounted SCBA's.   It has a Hale 1500 GPM Top Mount Pump with 1000 gallons of on board water.  Additionally,  it has 3 lengths of hard suction, two 1 3/4" speedlays, one 1 3/4" crosslay and one 2 1/2" line with a Blitzfire monitor.  There is 1000' of 5" supply line and 200' of 3" supply line in the back.  Additionally, there is an on board Hale Hotshot  Diesel Generator which provides electrical power for tools as well as the 2 telescoping scene lights.  This truck and the Heavy Rescue are scheduled to be replaced by Sutphen Rescue Pumper in 2012.


Utility Vehicle (32-7-1)

This truck is a Ford F350 Power Stroke Turbo Diesel pickup with a Full Extended Cab.  It is primarily used to respond to EMS calls and hauls the four wheeler on the trailer to wildland fires.  It is a great all-purpose vehicle.  It carries EMS supplies in the rear storage compartments as well as a portable Honday 2000 Watt Generator with light kit for scene lighting.  It has 4 wheeler helmets, lock out kit and various hand tools, stokes basket and backboard.


ATV Utility Vehicle

This ATV is a Honda 500, 4WD Rancher.  It is equipped with a Warren Winch in the front and a 16 Gallon Water Sprayer on the back that is extremely helpful to firefighters in fighting Wildland fires.  This saves a lot of energy and time for firefighters who formerly had to carry the extremely heavy, metal Water tanks on there backs.


Heavy Rescue: (32-6-1)
Sold on April 14, 2012 to Remsen Volunteer Fire Department

Rescue 1 (Heavy Rescue: 32-6-1) is a 1998 E-One truck with a 5 man cab built on a Freightliner Chasis.  It has a front bumper-mounted 12,000 lb winch, SCBA in seat storage in the cab in 4 seats, 20KW PTO Generator which provides power at incidents as well as the 4 telescoping quartz scene lights.  It has a 16' long box with numerous storage compartments as well as a Cascade Air System with a 2 bottle fill system with blast chamber and  8 DOT size 6000 PSI bottles.  The storage compartments carry both hand and power tools as well as extra cribbing for MVA's.  This truck and Engine 1 are slated to be replaced this year by the new Sutphen Rescue Pumper.

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